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High quality industrial coatings at competitive prices

Lacnam Paints became a paint supplier to Australians in 1977. Due to the high standards set by management and employed by their trusted team, over the years the company has grown substantially in the industrial trade and become a reliable and trusted Australian paint manufacturer.

Offering discount paint supplies in Sydney are just the beginning

The company provides industrial solutions for wholesalers, manufacturers and corporations throughout Australia at cost effective and competitive prices. Technical support and advice on the best industrial products to use for the environment and differing projects is also offered.

Lacnam customers have access to products with durable and hard wearing finishes that is needed to withstand Australian conditions. The correct industrial product is always available in the colour, quality and quantity required, either direct from head office in Sydney, through our warehouse in Newcastle or via distributors located in various locations across Australia

Products that protect

As a reputable paint supplies manufacturer, Lacnam offers a wide range of high quality industrial coatings which other paint companies cannot. Our products are suitable for:

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufactured goods

Coating a surface protects the substrate from corrosion, which results from environmental exposure. Lacnam’s high quality products assist with protection and are used for a number of applications such as:

  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Mining industries
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industries, including general manufacturing

Whilst protecting the substrate, Lacnam has also developed coating products that are lead free and isocyanate free to protect the environment and promote a safer working condition for all Australians.

Products and Services that step above the rest

Lacnam is proud to be a paint manufacturer and paint supplier that provides Australians with the highest quality products available today, including; Two Pack Iso Free, Epoxies, Premium enamels and Primers.

As well as offering quality products, Lacnam has a technical support team to give advice on the best industrial coatings for use on various projects and the environment.

Find out why we differ to other Sydney paint companies, call today

For a professional and trusted paint supplier that specialises in products such as paint stripper, enamel and primer, look no further. Contact Lacnam today for more information!