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Primer paint is an important preparatory step that ensures good adhesion, increased lifespan of your paint job and further protection of the material you are painting. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial coatings, Lacnam has developed a range of epoxy zinc primers designed for metal and industrial surfaces.
Primers suited for a variety of surfaces to ensure your paint is protected
Perfect for steel, aluminium and galvanised iron, our 280 epoxy zinc phosphate provides fast curing times, excellent adhesion and incredible corrosion resistance. It offers good solvent/chemical resistance and can be top coated with a number of industrial coatings. The typical areas of application for our 280 epoxy primer include:

  • Implements, cranes and material handling equipment
  • Marine coatings, chemical and petroleum industry
  • Power stations and mining equipment

Lacnam also manufactures a 285 surface tolerant high build epoxy primer/topcoat that offers good surface wetting and anticorrosive properties as well as good solvent and chemical resistance. It requires minimum surface preparation and can be top coated with a number of industrial coatings. The typical areas of application for this primer paint include:

  • Structural steel and sheet metal used in construction, transportation, mining and industry
  • Concrete floors, factory, showroom and workshop walls

Surface Coatings for Every Application From the Primer Paint manufacturers and Suppliers

For more details on our effective and durable epoxy zinc primers or any of the other products in our expansive range of industrial coatings, including spray paint and more, get in touch with the technical service team at Lacnam today. We can assist any customer in getting the right primer, air dry enamels and industrial paint strippers to suit your needs.

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