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Quality industrial products

Lacnam Paints pride themselves on being able to bring their customers the utmost in quality industrial goods. Since 1977 the company has grown to become a trusted name across Australia, providing superior products such as Two Pack Topcoats, Air Dry Enamels and suitable primer coats to customers throughout the nation.

Lead Free and Isocyanate Free products

Lacnam’s products have been tried and tested for over 35 years to ensure that they are manufactured to create a superior finish, guaranteeing the quality of your next project. In addition, the company has also developed paint products that are lead free and isocyanate free to protect the environment and promote a safer working condition for all Australians.

Isocyanate free paint is a product that has been developed to remove the highly reactive chemical compounds that are often the raw materials found in polyurethane products. In many studies, isocyanates have been shown to cause a number of harmful short-term and long-term health effects.

Do business with a company who cares about its customers and the environment; contact Lacnam Paints today for information on Primer coats, Top coats, Epoxies and more!

Products for your requirements

If you require industrial paint, you’ll find what you’re after at Lacnam Paints. The company is constantly updating new and diverse industrial strength products so if your paint isn’t listed here, contact them to check its availability. Below is a list of their major products.

Topcoats: Single Pack

Lacnam’s selection of enamel paints dry quickest in the Australian market, while delivering exceptional rust protection to metal surfaces such as metal fences, roofs, doors and windows.

300 Rapid Dry Enamel
310 Quick Dry Enamel
314 Dipping Enamel
350 Hammertone
390 Equipment Enamel
480 Premium Enamel

Topcoats: Two Pack

For optimal durability, browse Lacnam’s selection of quality industrial coatings. It features exceptional gloss and retention colour and a strong finish to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

540 Polyurethene
720 Iso Free

Sundry Enamel Products

When it comes to rapid drying industrial enamel paint, Australia chooses Lacnam. Browse Lacnam’s collection of air drying enamel, which features quality spraying characteristics and is recoatable.

312 Drum Paint
252 Heat Resistant Black
270 Universal Flatting Paste
294 Chassis Black
296 Radiator Black
298 Enamel Additive
299 Paint Stripper
360 Heat Resisting Enamel
361 Hi Temp Silver
362 Heat Resisting Primer
370 Tyre Black

Spray Equipment

Lacnam are committed to providing premium spray paint equipment to Australians. This includes high quality airless systems, pressure pots and spray guns.

Airless Systems
Pressure Pots
Spray Guns etc

Spray Cans

Lacnam’s premium selection of spray paint cans have hit the shelves of Australia. The innovative nozzle ensures saturated colours and optimal durability for the perfect finishing touch.

405 Spray cans in any colour.

Primer: Single pack

Protect surfaces with Lacnam’s range of primer coats available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your individual needs. Benefit from the non-toxic dried film and quick drying ability of our products.

210 Metal Prime
212 Metal Clean
215 Anticorrosive Primer Topcoat
220 Rust Preventative
221 High Build Primer
230 MIO Zinc Phosphate High Build TDS
260 Keycoat
272 Cold Galv
292 Bituminous Black

Primer: Two Pack

Lacnam’s range of two-pack primer coating is durable enough to combat the challenging environments of Australia. It is chemical resistant and can be top-coated with a selection of industrial coatings for a tougher surface.

284 GP Epoxy Zinc Phosphate TDS
285 S. T. Epoxy
287 High Build Epoxy
605 Zinc Rich Primer
722 – Iso Free Primer
724 Iso Free Hi Build Primer


For superior paint removal, browse Lacnam’s collection of highly effective paint stripper. It is fast-acting, non-staining and is suitable to timber and metal surfaces.

Masking Tape
Respirator Masks
Spray Booth Filters

Special TDS

Industrial coating designed to provide protection and decoration of a variety of steel surfaces. Benefit from its non-toxic dried film, rapid drying one coat system and strong adhesion.


275 Silvergal
318 Container Coat
388 True Grit


Remove paint and spot clean with Lacnam’s industrial all-purpose paint thinner. This general purpose thinner is suitable for solvent based paint, acrylics and epoxies. Its rapid drying characteristic makes it Australia’s choice for industrial paint thinners.

To suit any product.

For a company that prides itself in providing the best quality products available today, contact Lacnam Paints; for information on Primer coats, Enamels and Two Pack topcoats and more!