Rapid Working Industrial Paint Stripper

Our 299 Industrial Paint Stripper is a solvent based and heavy bodied remover which is recommended for removing most types of paints and lacquers.

It is an easy to apply product that works rapidly and offers the following features:

  • Fast acting and non-caustic
  • Non-staining
  • Harmless to timber and metal surfaces

Typical areas of application are:

  • Light industrial environments
  • Metal fabrications and industries
  • Restoration work

You can just splash it on. It wrinkles the surface, and then the paint can be easily scraped or hosed off via a high pressure hose. Our 299 industrial paint stripper does the job without damaging the integrity of the underlying surface.

While users need to wear gloves and avoid contact with the skin, we believe our stripper has found a ‘happy mid-point’ between burning the paint off and being dangerous to use.

During application, a user should put on a thick film of our stripper to the surface to be treated by brush. The user should then wait for the existing coating to crinkle, and then scrape it off via a scraper or it can be hosed off using a high pressure water jet.

These instructions should be repeated until all the old paint is removed. Importantly the surfaces should be washed down with remover prior to painting the new coat.

Various quantity sizes of our industrial paint stripper are available, from one litre and upwards. Lacnam have been manufacturing this product since we were first established in 1977. We are proudly an Australian owned and operated company.

Please call us today to speak to one our experienced staff members about your requirements for industrial paint stripper or any other issues relating to your industrial coating needs. You can call Sydney (02) 9688 1999 or Newcastle 02 4967 1055, or enquire online.