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The leading name in the industry

Whether it’s using our 360 Hi-Temp Silver enamel paint to spray a boiler stack or our 360 Heat Resisting Primer to cover a furnace, you will find that Lacnam can assist you with every aspect of your industrial spray painting needs.

Upon application our spray paint covers well, and users usually find they don’t have to spray three or four times to get the desired effect. Like all of our industrial coating products, our products are durable and easily applied.

What makes us the leading spray paint suppliers and manufacturers in Sydney?

Be it via our head office in Sydney, our Newcastle warehouse or through our various distributors, there will always be experienced staff on hand to make sure you get the best paint advice.

Whether it is related to the mining, agricultural, earthmoving or general manufacturing sectors, the staff at Lacnam are always dedicated to ensuring you will have your requirements met.

At all times Lacnam have technical support staff available to talk with customers. Among our team of professionals, we have a chemist with more than 30 years’ experience, while our General Manager has spent 25 years working in the industry.


At Lacnam we can also assist with your spray equipment needs including:

  • Airless systems
  • Pressure pots
  • Spray guns

Aerosol Paint Cans Available in Sydney and Beyond

For aerosol paint cans we can provide:

  • Any colour you need
  • A minimum order of 12 cans

Sundry Products

Among our sundry products we have abrasives, masking tape, respirator masks, booth filters, special TDS and thinners to suit any product.

For further information see our products page.

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If you would like to speak with one of our highly experienced and dedicated staff about your industrial coating requirements, please don’t hesitate to call us. You can phone Sydney (02) 9688 1999 or Newcastle 02 4967 1055, or contact us online.