Effective Primer Coating for Smoothing Surfaces

Designed to fill the imperfections left from sanding and grinding, Lacnam’s primer surfacer has excellent filling properties to leave you with a smooth, uniform surface for painting. Our 240 lacquer primer surfacer can achieve high film thickness to ensure that your industrial paints go on cleanly and you are able to get an even paint job.

With our extensive experience as a paint manufacturer and paint supplier, Lacnam understands our customers’ needs for high quality, durable and cost-effective products that perform. We continue to provide innovative solutions that stand up to the harsh Australian environment in industries as diverse as manufacturing, mining, agriculture and more.


We understand the importance of protecting your assets and coating the surface of your machinery, vehicle or even your furniture can help protect the substrate from corrosion caused by environmental exposure. Designed to meet the needs of Australian industry, Lacnam’s primer surfacer offers high performance in the following applications:

  • Coat metal and timber furniture
  • Transportation and automotive industries
  • Earthmoving, agricultural and mining industries

Committed to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond manufacturing and supplying top quality industrial coatings. Lacnam is also dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting safe working conditions in Australia by developing products that are lead free and isocyanate free. We continue to update our range with new and innovative products ranging from epoxy primers and air dry enamels to spray paints and industrial paint strippers. For complete details and technical assistance on any of our products, get in touch with us today.