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Improve your business’s performance and aesthetic appeal

Whether for commercial or industrial properties, our industrial floor coatings offer numerous advantages to your business. Easy to install, our affordable coatings can provide you with a high-performance, professional finish to your concrete floors.

Our range of floor paints and coatings are suitable for a number of industrial applications

Used widely in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other warehouse based industries, utilising a reliable manufacturer and supplier of industrial specific floor paint stands to improve your overall efficiency and actually save you money in the process. Drying to a high-polish, attractive sheen, your floors will actually educe wear on transport vehicles, the floor itself, whilst remaining easy to keep clean.

What makes us the industrial floor paint suppliers of choice?

With close to 40 years of experience providing Australia’s with our high quality selection of industrial products, such as coatings and paint stripper, we have built our reputation on always looking for ways to become better at what we do. We have assisted businesses of varying size across a plethora of industries and always deliver outstanding service, every time.

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We’re always happy to speak to our clients regarding any questions you have about our premium product range. Ask for an obligation free quote or simply take advantage of our team’s expertise regarding the right product to meet your individual needs. For further information on our other products, including industrial spray paint, epoxy primer paint and more, click on the provided links. For all other queries, you can reach us on (02) 9688 1999.